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TOP 5 seksuālās dziesmas jeb mūzika, kas uzbudina


Šī nav mūzika, kuras pavadībā jānodarbojas ar seksu; šī ir mūzika, pēc kuras noklausīšanās vienkārši nav iespējams nedomāt par seksu.

1. Your Joy Is My Low – IAMX

"Say it, your joy, your joy is my low
So you want yourself to stop
Say it, your joy, your joy is my low
And when you crack the whip, I crawl again".

2. Running – Jessie Ware

"Ohh, would you hold my hand
Like the air was so gently here
Never give up, never give up
Ohh, would you pull me close
so nobody knows we’re there
No one can find us".

3. Touchin On My – 3OH!3

"Girl I gotta go! I’m finished with the show
If you wanna f*** me, I won’t say no!
T-t-touchin on my..., while I’m touchin on your...
You know that we are gonna..., cause I don’t give a...

Girl you know I want you, want you, want you now
You know you want me, want me, want me now
Cause there’s not that much to figure out
So baby let’s get down!"

4. Pony – Ginuwine

"If we're gonna get nasty, baby
First we'll show and tell
Till I reach your pony tail
Lurk all over and through you baby
And till we reach the stream
You'll be on my jockey team

If your horny, let's do it
Ride it, my pony
My saddle's waiting
Come and jump on it".

5. Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon

"Dark of the alley
The breaking of day
Head while I'm driving
I'm driving

Soft lips are open
Them nuckles is pale
Feels like you're dying
Your dying

This sex is on fire".